Wednesday, January 13, 2016

why i create

because something inside me screams....create or die. 

and you are going to die anyhow- (one day) so just create!

creation....creating...created...who is creating? its a verb- it means movement...just like the breath. to create means to be alive.  we are creating every single moment we inhale and exhale. some of us have tapped into that creative vibration that is ever present, and make our living out of 'creating'........ something from nothing. a desk job just won't do.

it starts with an idea.

sometimes it ends there.

other days the idea just floats around in the mind. stewing. 

but most of all what happens is- SPACE is ALLOWED for divine to pour in some 'maybe' magic. 

I work as an art model, astrologer, jewelry designer, soap maker, photographer, filmmaker, actress and writer. Yes, I have been paid for all the above. 

The question "why I create" really should be- "Why doesn't everyone feel compelled to tap into the never ending vortex of divine inspiration?  

Sometimes people will tell me- "Oh, I am not creative"..........I know this is a LIE. EVERYONE is creative! 

That is like saying- "I NEVER DREAM".

Creating is taking imagination to the manifested state. 

They just have too much fear about making it the way of life. 

Because fear is the creative killer- we keep that at bay.....

Today- I read a piece on Facebook about "Why we mourn David Bowie's death"........ well, that got me inspired to start a new blog. BOWIE was the totally 'tapped into divine creative vortex' human- his entire life shows that! Thank YOU Mr.Bowie for being the amazing creative vortex channel you were/are! You inspire ME. I've been a BOWIE FREAK since age 12. Now, way past middle age- I am STILL a Bowie Freak.

I'd been thinking about a new blog to link to my three Etsy shops anyhow... so here it is. I'll write about the creative process and what goes smoothly-sometimes- and sometimes is like climbing a snow covered mountain barefoot.

 The creative process for me is like the light switch to electric energy........its always there- sometimes I just forget to TURN ON the switch. The switch is called:  COURAGE TO ACT on your crazy ideas. Sometimes there seems to be (or is) a short in the wiring...and damn, sometimes the electric energy is just blocked. 

Those days/times- I try not to FORCE myself to create. I try to ease into it by looking at books-  colors, or shapes, and or watching a movie- or even getting into the car and going to the museum. Sometimes the muse just won't be summoned......... she's on vacate- and so I know that I am too.

I've never been able to create under pressure. I've had conversations about 'creating on demand' with professors that I pose for.  Its across the board- some say- 'you have to' others say- 'no way can it be forced' one must RELAX...... we all access that vibration in our own way- its like making love, faking it isn't fun or joyful. 

I used to run 80 miles a month. So clearly I have extra energy. Time and curiosity helped me to channel the extra energy in mental ways. Energy is really very much an INSIDE job. Some of us are born with lots of energy- I am one of those people. 

But I have found that when the energy mode is low (usually means I've been listing to TOO much 'news') I can jump start it. I do that by hanging out at: 

Ted Talks

Creating helps me feel 'connected' to the higher self. When I focus deeply there is a 'zone' that I reach which is beyond time. Has no limits. Feels very freeing. Perhaps the drive to create is the same urge to unite. To unit with the unseen that fuels all seen. That sense of oneness.....with the very self- and the source of all. Creating for me is a need to reach- the hOMe place. Sometimes this is reached by 'not doing' 'but allowing'. 
In honor of BOWIE...........

ashes to ashes

you will be forever missed.......

photo: elusive blue earrings

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